Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) merges digital intelligence with physical objects, connecting allthings of the world to the internet without human intervention. IoT supports the growing necessityto connect, receive and send information within a network of responsive devices and everydayobjects. Processors, wireless networks and sensors within devices enable them to access thewireless networks needed to transmit and understand information.

Improve operational Efficiency

IoT and the shift towards edge computing is presenting itself to be a groundbreakingopportunity. Lower costs and improve operational efficiency using these intelligent devices byquickening response and sense time. Real-time decision making is easier and faster since you don'thave to wait for the data to return to your system. iTechtions will help you integrate IoT within yourbusiness to maintain a competitive advantage.

Easy to use interface

Simplify the work for your developers with low code, smart apps that can be combined withinyour IoT systems. With TIBCO Connectors, you get one standardized drag and drop interface for allof your on-premises applications and cloud services in one place, and, adding in new connectors isas simple as downloading an app from the app store.


For instance, manufacturers are adding sensors to the components of their products so thatthey can transmit back data about how they are performing. This can help companies spot when acomponent is likely to fail and to swap it out before it causes damage. Companies can also use thedata generated by these sensors to make their systems and their supply chains more efficient,because they will have much more accurate data about what's really going on.