Monitor Business Performance

Monitor Business Performance

See What’s Happening in Your Business in Real Time

Tracking business processes provides oversight of overall business performance. Usingprocess configuration and streaming real time analytics gives you the visibility into processexecution and performance against service level agreements and connects to business intelligenceand predictive analytic platforms for reports, analysis and real-time preventative action.Traditional business environments often have a diverse set of systems each producing theirown information and data. In a distributed interconnected business with automated activity,monitoring processes and real-time analytic KPI dashboard, you can readily see what areas aresucceeding and what areas need improvement.


Event Manager

Real-Time Dashboard

Connecting disparate systems and automating processes allows for real-time capture of performance indicators against your plan or key performance indicators (KPI’s) that enforce rules,detects stalled processes and triggers alerts.

Think of your computer screen providing summary information against KPI’s or at a glance information like a self-service menu uniquely customized to your business. See business process status in context including what, when, and where to get alerts when something is not right.



Set up

Processed data and summary reports available in real or near real time depending on how critical the business process. Combine and analyze current and historical data to determine optimal KPI’s, publish and share reports so everyone in on the same page.

Easy set up using templates and workflows, alerts and report scheduling in near or real-time to meet your needs.

TIBCO BuisnessEvents

TIBCO BusinessEvents® is used to build stateful, rule-based event processing systems thatwill support collaboration between IT developers and business professionals.


1. Correlate and identify and instantly react to the most important information in an overflowof data.
2. Diminish decision latency.
3.Forward chaining rule processing, event correlation, state machines and decision tables.
4.No need to build from scratch; reduced project complexity and development time.
5. Generate actionable insights to provide a continuous feedback loop to enrich yourknowledge, capabilities, and responses.
6. Track and trace lifecycles.
7. Create conditional rules.
8. Specify actions using decision tables.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces ®

TIBCO ActiveSpaces ® facilitates coherent, in-memory, data storage and retrieval. It simplifiesdistributed system development and provides location transparency so there is no need to worryabout where or how to store or find data. ActiveSpaces ® is part of the TIBCO Fast Data Solution.


1. Faster performance when storing contextual, reference and operational data in-memory.
2. Reduce reliance on costly transactional systems.
3.Often 100x faster than comparable database implementations.
4.Cost effectively use your big data and handle large data volumes.
5. Experiment and innovate without having to make upfront investments.
6. ACID-compliant NoSQL Data Grid.