We deliver on-site and remote, so you can rely on us regardless of where the development takes place.

Our Recruitment Process

iTechtions understands how essential it is to findthe perfect candidates to fill IT positions within yourcompany. Rely on us to fill on-site or remote positionsthrough our simple, reliable, fast and cost - effectiverecruitment process.

Our diligent screening process guarantees thatthe individuals we recruit are qualified and excel intheir field of knowledge.


At iTechtions, we believe recruiting ismore than just finding the person to fill the position. As we pride ourselves in building a relationship with clients, we also believe in building relationships with our people.

We take the hassle out of hiring, with astringent recruitment process to ensure wehire people with the skills, experience andcommitment to deliver excellent results. Ourtalent specialists are waiting to match your needs to one of our knowledgeable contractors.

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We identify candidates from our extensive pool of existingcontacts in the industry, or from our external resources andrecruitment platforms. We initially begin our thorough screening andselection process by conducting lengthy phone interviews, andselecting the best candidate to come in for an in-person face-to-face interview.

Taking into account the personal skills and technical capabilitiesrequired, providing you with a fully detailed resume tailored to yourspecifications.


We provide continuous training in a wide range of technologies, processes,and procedures. Together with vendors’ training and certification programs, wecan keep all of our consultants up to date and ready for any project yourcompany may have.

When necessary, we conduct background checks, skill tests, and validateany vendor certifications. If a candidate is required to work on a specific project,we provide relevant skills testing, coaching, and training to ensure that the righttechnical skills are in place. We also develop and sharpen our candidates’ projectmanagement skills, to ensure they work efficiently, completing your project in atimely fashion, and within budget.

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What Can You Expect


Fast turn around from specification to selection.

Advanced Training

Expertise in technology recruitment.

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Competitive rates, lower than internal costs.


Quality candidates.

Recent Graduates

Total screening and validation.

On-site and remote recruitment.

Reference checks and necessary background checks.

Coaching, training, and mentoring, even after onboarding a candidate.